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Up coming events for 2024

Kyu Testing date toTBA

at the dojo 

Starts at 5pm

Paonia CO

Rocky Mountain Championship

May 4 and 5  2024

Louisville CO

Utah Sate Championship

June 8 2024

Salt Lake city UT

Dan testing Black Belt testing

June 22 2024

Hunbu Dojo 

Louisville CO

4th of July Parade and Demonstrations

July 4 2024

Paonia CO

Seminars with the Chief Instructor and Founder of the International Martial Arts Association

Hanshi Madani

Aug 17 2024

 Paonia CO


Karate Camp

Louisville CO 

Oct 18 thru Oct 20 2024


4th of July Demo in the park

North Fork Karate performs demonstrations for the whole town in the park on 4th of July. It's fun and educational too.


KangeikoWinter Training 


In February, we have a traditional winter training, Kangeiko. It is an opportunity for us to jump start our year with intensive training. The weeklong training includes many fun things including board breaking  and candle training. We also have a chance for both young people and adults to train together. Both groups gain a new respect for the other during the week.

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