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“After one year of lessons my daughter is achieving so much! Her focus in karate and swim lessons and even at home has improved vastly. She is learning to help herself, defend herself and challenge herself.”

Raelle, Paonia CO

“Karate has improved my flexibility and coordination and awareness. I believe I have also developed better people skills and physical stamina. The training has helped me become a better person.”

Ms. A, Blue Belt at North Fork Karate

“Has given me more focus in everyday. Great for getting in shape. The people I have met in this journey at North Fork Karate are now friends/family and sooo much more!!”

Tori, Green belt and mother of 12 yr old athlete

I am faster and stronger than I was when I was white belt and it's funner than you think

anonymous orange belt

“The staff and the owners are kind people with big hearts. Enrolling Mady at North Fork Karate has been a blessing in every aspect of our lives.”

Mady's Mom, Paonia CO

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