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Youth Beginner

Young athletes desire to become exceptional, be recognized for their efforts, be part of the team, not just a bench warmer.

Our beginner program teaches physical, social and leadership skills. Kids deserve to be taken seriously. (click here for more info)

Focusing on personal progress and accountability, we strive to help our athletes at this level be a success in the dojo, in school and at home.


At A Glance

7 - 14 years

Tuesday, Thursday at 5 pm.

Fun, fast paced

Learn basics of kata (forms) and sparring.

Cost $65 per month+ white uniform ($30)

This fast, paced fun class is designed to help the young athletes learn basic karate skills, including all the athletic skills involved with martial arts: balance, right brain-left brain skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness.

The young athletes are exposed to basic karate forms, sparring skills, self-defense and leadership training. Unless approved by the chief instructor all students begin as a white belt.

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